• The primary considerations during the development of CGS’s SCI-Six Suppressor was gas, flash, and sound mitigation. CGS aimed to minimize the impact of adding a suppressor to a firearms operating system, minimize POI shift, and improve host firearm precision all while maintaining a minimal size envelope.

    CGS manufacturing process creates parts with higher strength than billet, forgings, castings, or MIM, and does so with increased material density within the parts. There are no welds meaning there are no welds to fail or warp which would normally cause concentricity problems along the length of the barrel. The monolithic core structure and lack of welds make CGS rifle silencers very strong and eliminates failures, concentricity problems, and QC issues.

    Utilizing the Hyperion VCD (Variable Core Diameter) design makes this silencer stronger than other comparative silencers by better controlling heat and pressure to prevent hot spots from forming. The first chamber is vented causing gas to flow forward and outward around the core allowing the gas to flow freely to lower pressure regions. Flow moving forward is vented around the first core section and is then reintroduced to the main flow further downstream. The exterior gas flowing around the cores also has an alternate path out of the suppressor through an array of peripheral vents in an optional vented front cap. These flow dynamics also help to reduce thermal signature as well as IR glow under nightvision.

    The signature suppressor is retained on its muzzle device mount with a shallow taper joint interface which helps with retention as it provides much more grip than a square shoulder. Thanks to the additive manufacturing process, CGS was able to integrate new technologies into the SCI-SIX series. The much wider than average bore aperture and optional use of the peripheral vents combined assist with minimizing impact to host firearm as well as limiting toxic gases being blown back at the shooters face through the ejection port and other regions. The wide bore also virtually eliminates the potential for baffle or end cap strikes. The suppressor core features a 1.5″ hex feature and the front cap features a 7/8″ hex feature which allows easy installation and removal of front caps. While strikes are virtually eliminated, the front caps are easily replaceable with a wrench without any negative effects in any aspect if the need for replacement due to a strikes does arise.


    • Length: 5.9″
    • Diameter: 1.68″
    • Weight: 17.1oz
    • Material: 718 Inconel
    • Finish: DLC


    • CGS SCI-Six Suppressor
    • 1/2X28 Muzzle Brake
    • Owners Manual
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